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What Do I Need?

WA! P2P understands that not all users may want all files, and that's great! The files you need are at the very least, the WA! P2P client to chat and connect to games and at least "Lite" With Authority! (WA!).
All users must download WA! P2P(.zip) as previous versions of P2P are not compatible with version 8.

There are 3 different options for downloading With Authority!
WA! Lite contains just the required files for playing. You will get an error message on WA! every time that says "Required Files Missing". The missing files are the Music/Entrance files and may be downloaded later if you decide.
WA! Full contains all of the WA! files.
WA! Media Only files are just the Media/Entrance files that are missing from Lite. See instructions on installing.

There are 2 varieties of WA! P2P v8 to download.
WAP2P v8 includes everything you need to come on to the server to chat. If you do not want to play games, you may download only this.
WAP2P All-in-1 v8 includes EVERYTHING. It is a full download with WA! Full and WAP2P included. All files--one download.

What Are The Files?

WA!Lite     WA!Full     WA!Media

P2PP2P    P2PP2P A-I-1

How Do I Register?

Follow these few easy steps...
You will only be registered if you follow these directions exactly.


Register or Log in to the forums.
Note: In 2015, we did a 100% reset on the forum. You must create a new forums account.

Send a Message

Send a private message via forums to Reggie-Request. PLEASE do not PM any other Admin about Registration Requests. They won't be honored.


We typically check the forums every 24-48 hours. We need to verify each account. If you're trying to sign up as Bob, and you're not Bob, there's a problem.

Verify & Enjoy!

Verify you have the required files and your password is set correctly! Your password will be exactly like how you PM it to us!

Championship Belts and Events

Currently all events are cancelled. If we are able to build a stable community, then they will return. Currently, events are announced on our Facebook Group page when they are randomly chosen to be ran.

  • "Sunday" Night Heat

    Next scheduled: TBA

  • Tsunami

    Next scheduled: TBA

  • Whiplash

    Next scheduled: TBA

  • Massacre

    Next scheduled: TBA

  • Punishment

    Next scheduled: TBA

  • Thunder

    Next scheduled: TBA

  • WTT

    Next scheduled WTT: TBA

Code of Conduct


At WAP2P, we hold everyone accountable for their actions. That is why we have a small little code of conduct that is enforced by our admins and staff. It is all common sense, and we fully expect it to be followed. Hit the > below to view the first section.
Note: Upon connecting to WAP2P, there will be a CoC popup that you must agree to in order to use our servers. You will be unable to chat or play unless you agree and acknowledge.

  1. Keep swearing minimal. We're all adults. There's no need for "sentence enhancers" most of the time.
  2. Absolutely no Racial discriminating language (Racism) is to be used on the server in any manner.
  3. There will not be any prejudices on the server. We all come from different places and different cultures.
  4. Treat everyone with respect. Jokingly harassing is alright, but don't cross any lines.
  5. When in an event, deck talking is immediate ban from the room at the very least. (More details under "Events" on the forum.)
  6. Indicate if you have a firewall. Makes life a lot easier for all players. This is very important in events. If you do not indicate you have a Firewall, and you are paired with another Firewalled player, you will receive the loss. This includes ignorance of a firewall.
  7. Excessive uses of the "/me" command will eventually lead to disabling of the command.

View more by hitting the > below.

  1. Listen to the Admins and other staff (Referees/Officials/Guides). They all have experience running P2P and know what they're doing. If they ban you, there is probably a good reason why. IF something happens and you disagree with it, contact JMBCCXXVI on the forum or JMBCCXXVI@Wap2p.com. DO NOT CAUSE A SCENE ON THE SERVER.
  2. Pulling in matches is frowned upon and will lead to you being banned from playing games (yes, we can do that.) Consecutive pulling will result in us telling Ref that you lost, and you will lose TRIPLE the rank points you normally would have if you had just went through with the loss. If you experience connection issues, (ie: thunderstorm coming up) let your opponent (and tournament official if applicable) know first.
  3. Simply, use common sense when it comes to WAP2P server activities. Illegal activities are not encouraged nor tolerated. Excessive trolling will not be tolerated.
  4. WAP2P Staff reserves the right to modify this CoC at any time. If this CoC is updated, there where be a notice automatically sent to all users upon their next connection to the server.

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